After Graduation

There are many possibilities of going to different types of higher education. Graduates’ Record of going on to other schools are listed below.

St. Mary’s International School
Nishimachi International School
The American School in Japan
International School of Sacred Heart
Saint Maur International School
Yokohama International School
Tokyo International School
British School in Japan
Aoyama Gakuin Elementary School
Keio Elementary School
The Juilliard School (NY)
MIT-Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Success Story
The founder of Google, Sergey Brin and Larry Page are Montessori graduates. Brin and Page credit much of their success to their Montessori Education. In a Barbara Walters interview, they said they learned to be self-directed and self-starters as pre-schoolers, while attending Montessori.

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis
Bill & Hillary Clinton
Royal Highness Prince William
Royal Highness Prince Henry
The founder of Microsoft Bill Gates
The founder of Amazon Jeff Bezos
The founder of Wikipedia Jimmy Wales
George Clooney
Michael Douglas
Cellist Yo-Yo Ma

Did you know the youngest Nobel Pease Prize nominee is a Montessori graduate?
The youngest Rhodes Scholar?

Message from Stacey Valdez (16)

My first memory as a child was in Rainbow International Montessori School. I joined as soon as I was of age to start kindergarten. My mother was one of my first teachers there, which made it easy for me to adapt. Even though I was her daughter, my mom treated me like all the other students. Whenever I would try to ask for her help, she wouldn’t do my task for me, but guide me to do it myself instead. She would use as much opportunities as she could find to help me improve and grow.

Being in a marvelous classroom environment served to be a good way for me to learn. There were many activities for me to choose from each day, it was hard to pick which one to start out with. Each activity in my classroom was unbelievably absorbing. In each activity, there was a specific way to pick up, put down, arrange, and match. Back then, I didn’t know what the purpose of each activity was. But now, I realize that each activity had its own concept that I could relate or use in my daily life today. Sometimes it would be so inconspicuous; I would actually be using it every day.

Now, I am a high school student that attends an international school in Japan. There are times I am told that I have very good manners, or that I have skills that are normally learned at an older age. Whenever I’m told that, I become conscious of the fact that all of what I am today, derived from an exceptional and top-notch education.

Message from Natasha Salamack (16)

I started at Rainbow International Montessori School at the age of 1, and I can sincerely say that the five years I had spent there as a child have impacted my life in many ways today. The montessori curriculum had taught me many practical life skills that you do not often see being taught in other schools. At a young age I was able to, "do it myself" as often heard in the concept of montessori education. What I loved about Rainbow was it was not only memorize, go by the book, and do by the rules. But rather physically do and feel, make mistakes then to learn from them, with the guidance of your teachers. After I graduated Rainbow School I continued my montessori education in Hawai'i.  The way I managed my time, challenged myself beyond what I truly thought was possible, and was more involved in my community was very different than children who did not have a montessori education. My perspective of life has developed because of Rainbow school and their true montessori teachings. These little lessons I had in class at a young age has profoundly helped me to be successful throughout my high school career.


The one thing I truly cherish the most is the incredible relationships I have created with the students and teachers. With it being an international school I have made life long friends and connections from all parts of the world. Every year, we as the students make an effort to have a reunion even after twelve years, and we all live in opposite sides of the world. The times I really appreciate what Rainbow has done for me is when friends of mine in Hawai'i ask, "how do you manage so many things in your schedule?", Or very often asked, "how do you know so many people all over the world?" and in all honesty, it is because of Rainbow School. Not only did the school give me the best quality education to prepare me for my future education but it has prepared me for life.


A quote by Dr. Mari Montessori sums up Rainbow International School, now Chateu Des Bambini, “Only through freedom and environmental experience is it practically possible for human development to occur.”


I was able to learn great work ethics, to work well with others, and solve problems on my own with the guidance of my teachers. I will always remember the wonderful memories Rainbow has created for me, the amazing community and teachers are now family to me. I could have not asked for a better school and education to begin my early years of learning.