Q1. Do you have examinations to enter your school?
No, we do not.

Q2. Is it possible for my child to enter your school in the middle of the school session?
Yes, it is, if there is a space in the class.

Q3. Why are there mixed age groups in the classroom?
A Montessori classroom with mixed age groups encourages interaction and learning from peers. This gives the younger child the opportunity to learn from the older child as well as giving the older child an opportunity to be a role model.

Q4. Why do children work independently?
Each child develops at their own pace in the Montessori environment. The classroom is set-up in such a way that the child has the freedom to choose materials that interests them most.

Q5. Why do we use "real" materials?
"Real materials" such as glass, sharp pointed objects, etc. are used in the classroom to give real life experience. Through the use of these materials the child becomes aware of their actions and aids in self control.

Q6. How do Montessori children handle the transition to a more traditional school?
The fundamental personal and social skills developed in the Montessori environment allows the children to transition well into new environments. They often show exceptional resilience and interaction skills when transitioning.

Q7. How do children learn to use the materials?
All the staff at Chateau des Bambini International Montessori School are trained in Montessori, enabling them to present the materials in a timely and appropriate manner.

Q8. Do you have a Japanese education program?
No, we do not. Our daily programs are taught in English. If you are interested in Japanese education programs please refer to our afterschool Gakudo program. 

Q9. Does the school have a playground? Do you take the children to the park?
We do not have our own private playground. However, we do take the children to a nearby park when the weather allows. 

Q10. Does the school prepare lunch for the children?
No, we do not. Please prepare lunch for your child. However, we do offer a lunch service through Luca Deli. An Organic Catering Service with every meal prepared and delivered to our school daily. If you are interested in ordering lunch for your child, please follow the link below and order directly from their site.

Q11. Is there parking available near the school?
Parking is not available at the school. Please contact us for information on nearest available parking.