Message from Former Students

Our Former Students Today & Their Best Memories of Bambini (Formerly Rainbow) 

Thomas R. – New York, NY

The Julliard School Pre-College Division, Royal College of Music, Undergraduate: Princeton University, Graduate: Cornell University
“I liked the individual freedom to explore things in Rainbow. One thing I remember very well is being shown a string of beads, then a combination of those strings forming a square, then a combination of those squares forming a cube. It really held my attention.”

Daphnee W. ‘01– Munich, Germany
Ludwig-Maximilians- Universität – Communications and Media
“Even 17 years after my graduation at Rainbow International pre-school, I have wonderful memories of my kindergarten years. I especially enjoy going through the yearbooks with all the pictures of amazing events such as the Halloween parties, I always have a chance to go back in time. After all, I am really grateful to still have contact with some of my friends from Rainbow and even had a chance to meet my best friend from that incredible chapter in my life.”

Hiro Robert K. ’97 – Los Angeles, CA
Santa Monica College ’14 & UC Berkley – Major: English Literature
“I remember the sleepovers at rainbow. I remember I was a little intimidated sleeping with everyone at first but it definitely was a fun experience!”

Sarah D. ’03 – Cape Town, South Africa
FEDISA Fashion Design
“My favorite memory was making mochi at school and free time in the play area.”

Mana K. ’01 – Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo Medical and Dental University – Department of Medicine, Study Abroad: Columbia University (N.Y.) 
“My best memories were wearing costumes on Halloween, and my favorite material was the binomial cubes where you put three dimensional pieces in a box like a puzzle.”

Remy M. - Canada
Massachusetts Institute of Science and Technology (MIT) – Computer Science and Math
“The sleepovers were fun!”

Victoria M. – Victoria BC, Canada
University of Victoria – Business and Asian Studies (fulltime student - athlete)
“My best memory in Rainbow is the graduation ceremony.”

Jack A. – London, England

Durham University – Law School
“I am currently a student studying law. I remember playing with my Alisa!”

Rayna K. ’01 – Los Angeles, CA & Maui, HI
University of Southern California (USC) – Major: Narrative studies, Minor: Theatre
“I am currently a student and work as a tutor at an inner city elementary school. I mostly remember drawing and dressing up for Halloween, and I also remember I use to get in trouble a lot (laughes).”

Emma S. – Tokyo, Japan
Meiji University, School of Commerce & University of Alberta, School of Business
“I will be working for a recruiting company called Recruit in Japan.”

Stephanie V. – Canada
Seneca College - Honours Bachelor of Therapeutic Recreation Program
"Bambini did an amazing job at incorporating a variety of fun activities that covered all domains of learning. An example of this was when we had dance and singing practices for a Christmas Concert performance, where we even had a guest appearance of Taro Hakase--one of my fondest memories of Bambini. I have Bambini to thank for the skills I currently have in time management, self-awareness, diligence, and proactivity not only in daily life, but in an initiative to better the lives of those around me.

Natasha S. – San Diego, CA
University of San Diego & Exchange - Bocconi University (Italy) - Marketing
“Bambini was my second home. My favorite activities were all the practical life materials such as cutting food. I remember we were supposing to serve the food to classmates, but I would eat most of it myself! Bambini has given me lifelong friends whom I still meet with to this day. Just a few months ago I met with my best friend from Bambini in Milan, while we were traveling!”

Jo S. – Santa Barbara, CA
UC Santa Barbara (UCSB) – Accounting
“A memory I have of rainbow is taking walks to the park everyday! I am currently working as an CPA in Santa Barbara and will be getting married soon.”

Jin S. – San Diego, CA
San Diego State University (SDSU) – Graphic Design
“I really liked working on art during work time. I currently work as a freelance graphic designer, and also perusing a career in music.”